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Awesome initiative, how can I help?



Hey JazakAllah khair for the spirit. You can help us by helping others! Yup, simply help any small business owner post their ad at one or more masjid’s notice boards, or maybe tell your friends about us, like and share us on Facebook.



How is masjid media better than other digital signage products?



There are quite a few reasons. Have a look at the table below.



Masjid Media – State of The Art Conventional Digital Signage – old school
Placed at eye level – immediate attention Near ceiling - Special attention required
Printable Out of sight, out of mind
Cheaper as low as $20/4 weeks Costs an arm and a leg – starts at $350/4 weeks
Tangible tracking* Intangible or non-existent tracking
Fast posting of ads, usually within a couple of hours Need to wait weeks at a time.
Editable ads Not editable
Online posting Manual posting
10 seconds of display time every minute 6 seconds every 2 minutes or more
Designed to help the masjid and its audience Designed for profiting corporations


*Tracking coming soon


Why don’t you display videos?



Great question, there are actually a couple of reasons. Firstly, at some locations our screens need to be placed in the prayer area due to the nature of the building, and a video will be distracting there. Secondly, a video will take all the attention away from smaller text-based ads; we want to give everyone a fair chance. And lastly, videos are expensive to produce and very few businesses can afford to make one. For all of these reasons, we have decided to keep our boards video-free.



Why not use touch screens?



There are couple of reasons. First, touch screens are very expensive and not economically possible for the scale of this initiative at the moment. Secondly, it would be inconvenient for other viewers who may be trying to read the screen while someone else is trying to use the same screen to take a printout. Why not use QR codes? Perhaps in the future we will add QR codes, but at the moment we are catering to a demographic which largely does not use QR codes.



Why not use QR codes?



Perhaps in the future we will add QR codes, but at the moment we are catering to a demographic which largely does not use QR codes.






How often will my ad be displayed?



Once every minute for 10 seconds. Our closest competitors provide 6 seconds every two minutes, we provide exceptional value!



Do I need to sign up to post an ad?



Yes, signing up enables us to provide you with a control panel where you can manage your ads and see how much you have spent on your ads.



There are so many ads on the boards; do you or the Masjid endorse all of them?



No, neither Masjid Media nor the Masjid endorses any businesses or services advertised on the boards except when explicitly mentioned. If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact the Masjid where the advertisement is posted.



How long will it take to have my ad approved/rejected?



The approval times can vary depending on how long it takes each individual Masjid to review your ad; however, if posted between 9 AM to 4 PM EST, the ads are most likely to be reviewed and decided upon before 5 PM EST



My ad was rejected by one of the Masajid, can I know why?



We are very sorry to hear that. In addition to our Terms and Conditions, each Masjid uses their own discretion to approve the ads, and unfortunately we have no control over it. You may contact the Masjid directly to inquire. In general, any ad that violates any Islamic principles or Canadian code of advertising standards is bound to be rejected.



So if my ad is rejected, will I get a refund?



Absolutely! If a masjid rejects your ad, you will get a refund within 5 to 7 business days. If you do not receive a refund, please feel free to drop us a line and we will look into it right away.



I posted an ad and I achieved my goal before the ad expired, can I remove my ad?



Absolutely! You can simply visit the control panel to select and delete any ad you want. Please note that there are no refunds on the ads that you delete yourself.



What are the prices of ads?



Prices of ads depend on the sizing and are as follows



  • Small: $5/week per location
  • Medium: $10/week per location
  • Large: $20/week per location



What’s included in the price of the advertisement?



The digital ad of the size which you have purchased is included in the price. Basic printing is currently complementary (and we do intend to keep it that way inshaAllah), but it’s an experimental feature and may be removed upon our discretion. Large and premium ads include images as well.



I own a small business - can I get a special pricing package?



Our prices are lowest in the industry, plus slashing prices further would mean a revenue reduction for the Masajid, you won’t want that to happen, would you?



Can you help me with the graphic design part of the advertisement?



Yes you may contact us for design services. Graphic designs cost just $75 CAD


I want to make my own graphic, what are the dimentions?


You should make the graphics as follows:


Large: 330px by 290 px

XL: 800px by 290 px





Why aren’t other Masajid’s announcements visible on the screen?



Announcements are usually local events that only relate to one particular Masjid, i.e. change of Iqamah times, or roof being repaired and so on. Therefore, it makes sense to only display them at the Masjid at which they relate to.






Your list of Iqamah times for the closest Masajid does not seem to be accurate, there are a few Masajid missing.



While we would like to add every masjid in the world to our network, we are still in the initial stages and the Iqamah times list only includes the masajid that have signed up with us so far. Please feel free to request your Masjid’s management to fill out an application form on our website and we will get back to them right away.



Some mosques do not start the Salat at the listed Iqamah times, can you fix this?



Every Masjid updates their own Iqamah times and unfortunately we have no control over it. Our suggestion would be to address this matter with the Masjid’s management.






I know that the nearby Masjid is holding a program tomorrow evening, why is it not listed on my Masjid’s notice board?



There could be couple of reasons:



  • Masjid may not have posted it in the program’s section and you can speak to them about it. If they add it to the system, it will show up at their Masjid and the nearby Masajid as well
  • All masajid have the power to remove a program form their notice board if they chose to, it’s their discretion and we have no control over it.



We are not a masjid but we would like to ad our Islamic program to the list, how can we do that?



Currently the only way to advertise a non-masjid program is by posting an ad.






You only accept PayPal, but I don’t have an account. How can I make a payment?



You do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal, they accept all major credit cards.



Why don’t you accept credit cards?



We will be implementing credit card payments very soon inshaAllah.



Still have more questions? Feel free to Contact Us



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